Google Phone Bangladesh


Google Pixel Price in Bangladesh
৳ 35,500
Google Pixel XL Price in Bangladesh
৳ 71,900
Google Pixel 2 Price in Bangladesh
৳ 64,900
Google Pixel 4 Price in Bangladesh
৳ 68,000-76,500
Google Pixel 4 XL Price in Bangladesh
৳ 76,500-85,000
Google Pixel Price in Bangladesh


This is Google and as such needs no introduction. It is hard to imagine a day without patronizing at least one of the company’s services. Google was established in 1998 to purposely serve the internet with its search engine. The company’s Google Search became successful within few years and can be regarded as the most used search engine on the internet till date.

The influence of Google became bigger with the introduction of several other products that have impacted the way people experience the internet. Some of the products include Google News, Gmail, Google Chrome, Google Maps, Google Alerts, Goggle AdSense, Google Scholar, Google Books to mention a few. The company also provides numerous communications and publishing tools. It has expanded its interests even further.   

Products and Services of Google Pixel Phone 

Google, with other phone hardware developers such as HTC and Motorola, started manufacturing real smartphones in 2008 with the introduction of HTC/T-Mobile G1.

The Nexus Series, which was launched in 2010, would become a template for Android devices. Having collaborated with other hardware developers to make phones for more than 5 years, Google introduced the Pixel/XL brand, a completely self-made Android phone.

The Google Pixel brand is actually broader, having being introduced earlier in 2013. It comprises electronic devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets and several others) that are fully developed by Google to run on Android OS or Chrome OS.

 Since the launch of the Google Pixel/XL, the company has reeled out Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel3a, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL.

Top 3 High-End Google Phones in Bangladesh

Google Pixel 4XL

This is an upgrade on Google Pixel 4, albeit slightly. The overall features to expect include 3700mAh Battery Capacity, 6.3 screen size, 6GB RAM, 64GB/128GB internal memory,2220 X 1080 pixels display resolution, Andriod 10, 8MP front camera, and 12MP + 16MP rear camera. For those who are aficionados of the latest Android games, this phone’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 offers great speed.  

Google Pixel 3a

The Google Pixel 3a features 3000mAh Battery Capacity, 5.6 screen size, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory,2220 X 1080 pixels display resolution, Andriod 9.0, 8MP front camera, and 12.2MP rear camera. The camera is amazing, even though both sides come as single focus. The performance is excellent, giving itself the ability to rub shoulders with mid-range phones of the more popular brands.

Google Nexus 6 

 This phone is Google’s first attempt at a 6-inch screen in its mobile phone line. It features 3220mAh Battery Capacity, 5.96 screen size, 3GB RAM, 32GB internal memory,1440 X 2560 pixels display resolution, Andriod 5.0, 2MP front camera, and 13MP rear camera. The phone comes in two variants: Nexus 6 32BG internal storage and the Nexus 6 64GB internal storage.

Top 3 Budget Google Phones

Google Pixel 2XL

Alongside Google Pixel 2, the XL version is one of Google’s first releases. It however offers decent features despite its relative affordability. Some of the general specs are 3520mAh Battery Capacity, 6.0 screen size, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory,2220 X 1080 pixels display resolution, Andriod 8.0, 8MP front camera, and 12.2MP rear camera.

The phone has a good number of camera options, which can be tweaked to every individual momentary needs. In addition, the 0S can be upgraded to Android 10.

Google Pixel 2 

The difference between this phone and the XL upgrade is minimal. The most prominent difference is the 5.0 screen size of the one. Other overall features of the phone include 2700mAh Battery Capacity, 6.0 screen size, 4GB RAM, 32GB/128GB internal memory,1080 X 1920 pixels display resolution, Android 7.1, 8MP front camera, and 12.3MP rear camera.

Google Pixel

 This phone is only good for people who are just using an Android phone for the first time. It features 2770mAh Battery Capacity, 5.0 screen size, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory,1080 X 1920 pixels display resolution, Android 8.0, 8MP front camera, and 12.2MP rear camera.

Last Word: What Makes Google phone Stand Out 

Google phone does support external cards but comes with sizable internal memory. What’s more, all the Pixel models are designed with quality cameras   options.