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Mobile devices have been in existence since the tech boom of the late ’80s and early ’90s. A lot of brands ruled the market, such as Nokia, Sony, Apple, etc.

Samsung Mobile remains characterized as a latecomer to the mobile phone industry. But this brand has inevitably made up for lost time.

Operations for Samsung Mobile kicked off on all cylinders in the mid-2000s. From the early 2010s, Samsung remains the top mobile device maker till date.

There’re many reasons why Samsung remains a top-of-the-line mobile phone manufacturer.

 Lots of this brand’s patents are self-sourced. And Samsung has been in the tech industry a long while before entering the mobile market.


Samsung started as a trading firm in 1938. The company is the brainchild of Korean businessman Lee-Byung-Chul. It expanded through several decades into the seventies to include dozens of interests.

Samsung made its break in the electronics industry in the late 60s. The brand’s movement into the electronics market increased their stream of income. Samsung’s electronic branch also remains among its top growth drivers to date.

After the demise of Samsung’s founder in the late eighties, it split into four groups. Samsung Group took off from there leading the electronic device section.

Sequel to the split, this brand has continued to blossom in international markets. Based on its relative success, Samsung is a respected brand for a range of electronic devices. There’re also reports that this brand currently sits among firms with the highest value.

The major break for Samsung Mobile came after the 1997 Asian financial crisis. But, the company which makes mobile phones, Samsung Electronics, had been in business since '92. 

Samsung Mobile kicked off in 2000 with a development center in Poland. After many trials and patents, the company finally moved into making phones.

Numerous partners pooled resources in the first range of Samsung devices, known as the Samsung Solstice.

In 2008, Samsung monopolized its patents and equipment before launching the Galaxy Series. And this series remains an ever-expanding collection every year.

The Samsung Galaxy Series ranks high among mobile device brands in the world today. The Note, A, J, S, and Edge Series are a few device lines made by Samsung. 

Due to the notable successes of Samsung, it gained recognition as the world’s largest phone maker in 2012. With this quality established, Samsung continues to produce excellent products users always appreciate.

To further prove this company has a lot of excellence in the mobile phone market, it has been many patent rights. Samsung has more U.S. patent rights than Google, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, and IBM.

Samsung enjoys worldwide attention and recognition. And the world is inevitably held to a standstill whenever a new Samsung hits the market.

 There’re many notable electronic advancements by Samsung right now. But it’s the mobile industry which gives this brand a superior status among other brands.


Samsung has a significant presence in Bangladesh. Samsung Electronics also considers Bangladesh as one of its most important markets in Asia. There’re so many customers in Bangladesh who prefer using Samsung phones over any other brand.

Based on the strategic importance of Bangladesh to Samsung, it’s one of the first destinations for new product releases.

Samsung products in Bangladesh are competitively priced, making it a decent choice for many phone and electronics users.

With so many customers in Bangladesh swearing by Samsung’s efficiency, it remains one of the company’s top spots for R & D.

Bangladesh has been home to Samsung R & D Institute (SRBD) since mid-2010. Activities further boost the presence of such an institute in Bangladesh. The SRBD carries out app research, commercialization, testing, and verification of mobile platforms, amongst others.

 There’s a very close connection between Samsung and Bangladesh. And from all indications, that relationship isn’t getting strained anytime soon.


There’s a lot of quality associated with the Samsung brand. This company continues to wow customers with numerous releases every year. And from the look of things, customers love every minute they get with a Samsung device in tow.